Do you have your The Fault in Our Stars (film) countdown calendars going? TWO days until the premiere of the movie...and we.can.not.wait. Plan a fun premiere party with some of your friends and serve up some of these The Fault in Our Stars themed dishes! Enjoy!

Inspired by the green garlic gnocchi that was served at Gus and Hazel's dinner at Oranjee, in Amsterdam, make this fresh green garlic springtime salad. It is a fresh and zesty appetizer to start off your meal!


One of my favorite quotes from the book is when Hazel and Gus are scarfing down dragon carrot risotto at Oranjee. “I want this dragon carrot risotto to become a person so I can take it to Las Vegas and marry it.” Instead of dragon carrots, give this flavorful Pumpkin Risotto a try. Also, it's orange, just like the national color of the Netherlands!


“God. If asparagus tasted like that all the time, I’d be a vegetarian, too.” We feel the same way. Cook this white asparagus in the creamy béchamel sauce for your side dish.


Okay...okay, it's not a dutch cheese sandwich like the one that Gus made- BUT how delicious does a slice of Dutch Cheesecake sound? Okay? Okay.


Bottle all of the stars for your premiere party! Serve up chilled champagne for your friends and make a toast to Gus and Hazel.

Which food/drink is your favorite?

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Do you have any tasty The Fault in Our Stars themed food or drink recipe ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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