"All I ask in exchange is that you read this brilliant and haunting novelization of my favorite video game.”

-Augustus Waters, requesting Hazel Grace to read a novel based on his favorite video game.

John Green's actual book, The Price of Dawn, which is based on the one he writes about in The Fault in Our Stars.

The Price of Dawn is a book given to Hazel Grace by Augustus Waters, featuring protagonist Max Mayhem, a traditional tough-guy soldier whose larger-than-life exploits involve saving the world through war efforts. Augustus scribbled his phone number in the book before giving it to Hazel. He asks to see her again later, and she suggests calling him after she finishes the book.

Hazel starts to read the book, and describes it as "blood", but likes Staff Sergeant Max Mayhem, though he killed 118 individuals in the span of 284 pages. She stays up late reading the book, which may infer she actually does enjoy it, and buys the sequels later at the mall (Midnight Dawns and Requiem for Mayhem).

In 2013, John Green published an e-book called The Price of Dawn, which is based on the one based on the video game in The Fault in Our Stars

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