"He played me a couple songs he liked by a band called The Hectic Glow, and they were good songs, but because I didn't know them already, they weren't as good to me as they were to him."
— Hazel Grace Lancaster

Hectic Glow was Augustus's favorite band. "The New Partner" was the only track title mentioned and is described by Hazel as "a sad and quiet song".

The name "The Hectic Glow" was inspired by a quote from Henry David Thoreau's journal, in which he describes the beauty of death and decay when afflicted by tuberculosis. Tuberculosis often gives its victims reddish cheeks, what some would consider attractive, thus a beautiful and hectic glow that results from death and decay. Thoreau's quote was also mentioned in Siddhartha Mukherjee's book, The Emperor of All Maladies, which served as a huge inspiration to John Green when writing The Fault in Our Stars.