This page points out what is appropriate and what not on the TFiOS wiki.

Not reading these policies is not an excuse for violating them.



  1. Vandalism, otherwise known as removing large amounts of information or content without reason. 
  2. You must be at least 13 years old to have an account on Wikia due to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.
  3. Posting pictures, videos, posting comments, writing blogs etc. with cuss words or innapropriate content.
  4. Editing or deleting other users pages without a valid reason such as coding it for them or correcting minor mistakes. 
  5. Making sockpuppets. Sockpuppets are accounts which are made to avoid being banned or blocked. 
  6. Arguing on blog comments, if you have an argument you'd like to discuss, leave a message on the users message wall explaining the situation.
  7. Make personal attacks
  8. Spam. This means posting irrelevant links in articles or creating pages with no meaning. 
  9. Create an account with an innapropriate username.
  10. Steal work of users from other wikis. 
  11. Do not make edits or add categories just to earn badges. This will end in a ban.


  1. Posting fanfiction on blogs with innapropriate content or cuss words.
  2. Having arguments as long as you stay calm and collected. 
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