How to Become a Chat ModEdit

This page is for any users who are considering or would like to become a chat moderator, chat moderators will only be added when needed. You'll find out when chat mods are needed when modship nominations are open. Therefore, this is not a page to sign up for chat mod rights in the comments, this is merely a page to show you the requirements for becoming a chat mod and your future responsibilities. This will include what you will have to do in situations of chat trolls, underage users, users breaking the rules etc.

Basic RequirementsEdit

  • Although chat mods are mainly responsible for chat, we strongly urge you to have at least 30-50 mainspace edits (adding information not simply adding links, correcting grammar etc.). You can check how many you have here.
  • You must have proven to be a trustworthy, responsible and active user on chat.
  • You can't have any serious chat bans or blocks (an example of a not very serious chat ban would be cursing and getting banned for an hour, a serious chat ban would be a week long bang for harassing). 
  • You must be on chat actively and daily. Your modship rights will not be taken away if you are not online every day but if no mods are online while users are on chat, a lot could go wrong.
  • You must know the policies and follow them carefully.
  • You must be online at least once a week.
  • You must be on good terms with the other users of the wiki.
  • You must have been on the wiki for at least 3 months.

Chat Mod AbilitiesEdit

Chat moderators have the ability to ban and kick users from chat. You will know when someone is a chat mod if they have a star by their name on chat or if they have the title CHAT MODERATOR on their userpage. Overall their abilities are:

  • Banning users when they break policies
  • Kicking users when they break policies

What do chat mods do to help the wiki?Edit

Chat moderators are here to stop trolls, sockpuppets and kick and ban users on chat who break the policies. They are not just users with a few extra buttons, but it is not expected for people to treat chat mods as if they were royalty but is it crucial to respect them and all they do for the wiki.

What should chat mods not do?Edit

Chat mods should not use their powers to take advantage over people, such as threatening to ban someone because they do not agree with their opinion or if they've had an argument. Any chat moderator who is caught doing the following will have their rights taken away:

  • Sockpuppeting
  • Trolling 
  • Threatening users
  • Taking advantage of their abilities
  • Breaking policies that every user should follow, including users with rights.

Current Chat ModsEdit