This page points out what is appropriate and what not when writing fanfiction on the TFiOS wiki

Not reading these policies is not an excuse for violating them.

Fanfiction Policy

  • Fanfiction can take place anywhere, anytime, and you can write about whatever you like, but please write them as blogs. Any fanfiction published as pages will be deleted.
  • Keep it PG-13 or below. Wikia cannot control if there are users under 13 years old, meaning anyone on the internet can see what you've written. Keep it appropriate and clean. Any fanfictions considered to have sexual content will be deleted immediately and the responsible user will get a block of one day.
  • Do not ship war, this means having big arguments on which 'couple' is the best. 
  • Keep it on topic. This is not a place to write fanfic about Loki and Thor. This is a TFiOS wiki, and any fanfic written must be related to TFiOS.
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