This page points out what is appropriate and what not when writing blogs on the TFiOS wiki.

Not reading these policies is not an excuse for violating them.


  • Blogs must not necessarily be on topic- they can be games you can play in the comments but do not make blogs saying "Hi I'm new." If you'd like to introduce yourself, introduce yourself on chat. You won't be blocked or warned or have your blog deleted if you make these blogs but we prefer it if the wiki isn't spammed with 20 blogs with new people (birthday blogs and such are also permitted).
  • It is strictly forbidden to write M-Rated fanfiction, writing this will result in an immediate block.
  • Ship warring- this means creating arguments on couples you like best
  • Posting links or pictures in blogs to explict content
  • Making personal attacks
  • Cussing in your blogs- same as in the site policy. Minor curses are allowed.
  • Roleplaying- there's another wiki for that. It floods blog comments and since there is another wiki for that we don't want 100 users to be here just for roleplaying and not editing.


Fanfiction is mostly allowed but only clean and PG-13 fanfiction. If an admin reads your blog and decides that it does not fit the PG-13 criteria they will give you a warning before taking it down. For the full fanfiction policy visit here.

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