"P.S. I am bringing my boyfriend, in case we have to physically restrain Peter."
— Lidewij Vligenthart via E-Mail

Bas is the boyfriend of Lidewij Vligenthart, and a minor character. He was first mentioned late in the book in an email from Lidewij, in which she states that Bas will accompany her to Peter Van Houten's home to try and find Augustus Waters's final correspondence.

Lidewij later emails Hazel Grace and explains that while trying to find Augustus's letter, Bas distracted Peter while Lidewij searched.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. It can be assumed Bas is strong, as he was going to be used to physically restrain Peter if needed.
  2. Hazel mentions that she knew she would never have a future with Gus but when Lidewij mentioned Bas fleetingly she felt robbed and she missed the future she wanted to have with Gus. Bas is an aching reminder to Hazel of what she has lost (Gus and love).
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