"I nodded, and then Alison, my nurse, kind of politely made them leave. She asked me if I wanted some ice chips, and I nodded, and then she sat at the bed with me and spooned them into my mouth."
Hazel Grace

Alison is an minor character, and a nurse at ICU. She treated Hazel Grace, and the two seem to get along okay. Alison sort of has a sense of humor, which is revealed when she tells Hazel what she has missed in the real world. Hazel Grace thinks she's a good nurse, proclaiming to herself "Praise God for good nurses."


Hazel GraceEdit

Alison and Hazel seem to make a good first impression, and Alison seems to like Hazel. She spoons ice into Hazel's mouth, and when Hazel wants more ice (even though she shouldn't have it), Alison gives her more.